The Audio and Video Archive of Estonian Art History brings together art-related information from the Estonian National Broadcasting Audio and Video Archive and YouTube channels of major institutions from 1955-2023.

Launched in the year of the centenary of Estonian art, the project is a collaboration between the Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art and the Biographical Dictionary of Estonian Art and Architecture. The archive is compiled by Marika Agu.

The archive will be accessible and usable in three sites: on the websites of the Estonian Association of Art Historians and Curators and the Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art, and in the Estonian Art and Architecture Biographical Library (EKABL), an online database compiled by Peeter Talvistu. kunstiteaduse audio-videoarhiiv 2023.numbers kunstiteaduse audio-videoarhiiv 2023.pdf

Archive on the website of the Centre for Contemporary Art in Estonia:


Supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.